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Project Liter of Light

Participant Illac Diaz

The Liter of Light redesigns solar lighting for the developing world. The simple, two-step technology creates local jobs, teaches green skills, and empowers energy-poor communities. Rather than depending on imported, patented, and expensive technologies, the grassroots green lighting movement embodies the principle that anyone can become a solar engineer. Through producing easily repairable solar lights with locally available parts, Liter of Light increases communities’ self-sustainability, eliminating their reliance on expensive overseas production and logistics costs.

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Project Power From The People

Participant Greg Lacey

The lack of electrical power in slums creates a significant disadvantage. Utilise kinetic energy from people’s movement, through technology like Pavegen, and watch these cities come to life.

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Project Sharing is Caring

Participant Ryan Bowden

Shanty Towns around the world share common problems. Create a free-access shared platform so that the world can learn about, share and develop bold ideas that have a positive impact in their communities.

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Project Give The People a Platform

Participant Sam Ashburner

By creating a central structure for business within communities and allowing start-ups to thrive, towns can breathe a new lease of life into supporting and developing their entrepreneurs. 

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