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There are hundreds, thousands (probably) of shanty towns, slums, townships, barrios, favelas, whatever you want to call them, around the world that house millions of people. These towns have their own, often successful, economies valued at billions of dollars. But they are also rife with disease, poor sanitation, crime, etc. Pulling them down doesn’t solve any problems so what can be done to turn these mass urban settlements into legitimate, sanitary, and productive new towns? The challenge is yours….

The rules

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The Next Big Thing is a competition for anybody who has an idea to help solve the very real issue described above. Ideas can be as creative and forward thinking as you like, but our panel of global judges will be looking for proposals that are viable as well as innovative and impactful.

The Next Big Thing is a worldwide competition that is open to individuals from across the industry at any level. You could be a student with a proposal you weren’t sure how to pitch, a chief executive with a burning desire to solve a real human problem or someone already working on plans to improve but not destroy the makeshift urban settlements that are growing around the world.

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Submissions can be either written or image-based or both. We are looking for a maximum of 500 words describing your big idea and/or an image or series of visuals that clearly represent your solution. Head over to the EG Awards page to complete your entry. Deadline 30th June 2016. 

The Reward

The Reward

  • £2500 case prize
  • Awarding of our winner's trophy at the Estates Gazette Awards
  • Winning idea celebrated with full editorial and front cover feature in Estates Gazette magazine